Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Great

Just seemed to run pretty bad in about everything I did last night. Lost in 2-7 triple draw cash game, lost in a 2-7 triple draw cash game, failed to get anything going again in the HORSE tournament.

I even lost a heads-up no limit hold'em match against my wife. She tends to be kind of a calling station at times and doesn't really understand pot odd concepts, but she plays very aggressive which compensates for her weak areas and can make her pretty tough to play against. She does tend to overplay pairs at times, so I can usually just wait to make a big hand and let her bluff off her chips to me, but I just didn't get any big hands. It also hurt that she got AA twice on me. :)
She plays a pretty unconventional game (Not raising quality hands, lots of min raises) so it can be tricky at times and I pay her off sometimes when she has an actual hand.

I started off poorly in the nightly 2-7 Triple Draw MTT only to gain a huge chip lead that I once again blew off as the money bubble approached. Finished 19th, the tournament paid 12 spots. I was leader with about 3o left.

Things to work on:
Late tournament play
Playing against maniacs
Containing my anger
Staying patient but still aggressive.

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