Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday (too much poker)

I started off the day by playing a little tournament at a local Indian casino. I was playing pretty well until the following hand came up. Blinds were at 200-400. UTG min raised too 800, I was sitting in UTG+1 with AA. I popped it up to 2500. A lady in the CO called for 2500 and UTG pushed both me and the lady called. I can't remember the actual flop but the lady pushed All-in when it came up I insta-called. The guy turned over AK, but the lady turned over K-10s of diamonds!? Of course, the flop gave her a flush draw that she hit and pretty much crippled me.

I played a lot online Saturday also, I played really really bad for a majority of the day. At one point I was like $25 down which at the stakes I play is a lot of losing. I sort of think I was on tilt from the live tournament earlier in the day. It didn't help that the first online tourney I played also say me get knocked out by having aces cracked again.

I did manage to finish the night off on a high note. I played an Omaha 8 limit tournament that had 486 players in it. I managed to get to the final table and finished 4th place for a $37.91 cash. So even after my terrible day I managed to finish ahead. The only negative to that tournament was that it ran until almost 4am. I have taken the last couple days off to avoid burnout and to rest.

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